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My name is Wolfgang Croskey, and I’m the elusive Perfect Tenant you’ve been searching for. With over 20 years of industry experience and the recommendation of more than 200 landlords in the Contra Costa County area for thousands of properties, I’m the cure to your rental headache. Our goal with The Perfect Tenant was to make stress-free rentals easy—no complicated processes, over-the-top requirements, or confusing paperwork. As a landlord, you want access to steady income – and that’s exactly what we provide. We provide all that and more by cutting out the problematic side of rentals in exchange for long-term tenancy, increased property value, and no more tenancy worries. Whether you own multiple properties or just one, and whether you’re looking to lease residential, multi-family, or even commercial properties, we’re the right fit for you. The Perfect Tenant isn’t impossible – we’re right here. Get in touch today to find out if steady income, no-stress renting is your future.
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If property management is not working for you, or you just don't have the time and energy to deal with tenants yourself, then The Perfect Tenant is your ideal solution. We're experts in our field and have the experience to back up our claims.

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